Memory sticks, flash drives, keys, mass storage devices, remote hard drives and a variety of other nomenclature is used to describe these commonly used tools: take note if you or your business use any of them.

AVAST, the renown developers of free and paid antivirus software, is reporting a growing number of malware attacks targeting the AutoRun function in Windows and plug-in USB devices. AVAST found that, of the 700,000 recorded attacks on computers in their CommunityIQ system during the last week in October, one out of every eight attacks – or 13.5% – came via USB devices.

USB Safety Pointers:

Be aware.

Around 60% of malware can now be spread via USB devices. This is an under-appreciated threat to home and business computers.

Don’t start attached.

Turning on a PC with a USB device attached can result in malware being loaded directly to the computer ahead of some antivirus programs starting up.

Scan first, look second.

Make sure you have enabled “on-access auto-scans” in your antivirus program.

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