Pay It Forward: Local

Have you ever been in the drive-thru at Java Hut and somebody ahead of you paid for your coffee? It's like that.

A message from Scott Kindred, Director of SafeHouse Web

“Giving Back” is the term used by many companies to describe their community involvement or donations to their favored charities. “Pay It Forward” is the term we chose to describe our company’s approach to community involvement in Hollister and partnerships with local non-profit organizations who make San Benito County a better place for all of us.

Sure, “Pay It Forward” is not a new, groundbreaking or trendy term, but it clearly communicates a proactive, aware and thankful attitude. An attitude of knowing what we sow is what we reap. Our daily lives, and the daily life of this company, are abundantly blessed with opportunities to reach out and help, to reach out and sow seeds of good will and provide helpful technology.

In our tiny slice of the world, that means helping non-profit organizations build, maintain and grow their online presence. A non-profit organization, a charity or a faith-based organization that is without a strong online presence may struggle to achieve its mission.

We hope to help ease that struggle.

Whether it’s a new website design for a Hollister-based non-profit, creating a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page for a professional association in Palo Alto, or managing a social media campaign, helping create a periodic newsletter and developing a capital campaign for a church in San Jose, we know that stronger communication capabilities mean stronger community outreach, better fundraising and a more informed public.

SafeHouse Web has the pleasure of partnering with these local and regional non-profit organizations


Community Food Bank of San Benito County
San Benito County Homeless Coalition
San Benito County Arts Council
Mars Hill Coffeehouse
Forgiving Paws
inChrist Church
Good Samaritan Church


Strumming for Vets
Special Forces Association – Las Vegas
Palo Alto University
Rainbow Acres
Meals On Wheels of Solano County
Peninsula Baptist Association
Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association
Orange County Intellectual Property Law Association
South Asian Bar Association – Southern California
Arab American Lawyers Association of Southern California