Search Engine Optimization

For clients who want to invest in their search engine performance

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO consulting and services are offered to clients who want invest in their search engine performance and to see a return on investment over measured periods of time. We offer a simple, two-part program that addresses complex issues. Our program focuses on the real-life practical actions.

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Content Creation for SEO

By far, the most important and most impactful action in SEO is content creation. This encompasses a wide range of strategic and tactical considerations. And it applies to all things we do in the name of SEO: Keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, directory submissions, page speed, social media integration, and more.

You have heard about dozens of the tools and techniques used to improve your website’s SEO. Blogging, guest blogging, professional copywriting, using Twitter and Facebook and Google+ and LinkedIn, improving your meta data tags, caching plugins and image optimization to increase page load speed, and much, much top professional design of burberry 10207 fashion t shirts from authentic online store. the actual substantial component may be the benefit of high quality rolex submariner 116618 uomo 40mm quadrante blu orologio replica acciaio oro.

Measured SEO Results

Most commonly, your results are measured through Google Analytics. The analytics can provide a vast cache of statistics and trends that shows how well your page in doing in key factors like bounce rate, exit rate, time on site, audience demographics, referral sources, keyword usage and even which websites are referring people to your website. These name only a few of the elements that are available to measure your ROI over periods of years, months, days and hours.

Measured results on the world’s most popular social media outlet are also available. Facebook currently provides a form of statistical reporting it calls “Insights.” Insights reports the number of people your Facebook post has reached, how many people are talking about it and how many people have recently “liked” your page.

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Organic SEO and Paid SEO Consulting

Whether your SEO situation demands a quick burst of activity via a Pay Per Click campaign with Google Ads or a slower, more steady organic SEO approach, or a combination of both, we apply the same two-part program to your needs.

Keeping it simple, works. You get the straight-forward overview while we get to work on all the time consuming planning, execution and support of your SEO plan.

Our approach to content creation gets back to basics and stays there:

“Create content that is valuable to the target audience. Go to where the target audience is and deliver the content to them professionally. Everything else follows…”

And to that end, we employ the tools and techniques we know will work for your particular situation and your investment level.

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