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Social Media Marketing Goals: Awareness. Engagement. Relationships.

Every social media marketing package we offer includes these six elements:

Fresh Content

Developed to match your business' branding & voice. Daily and weekly publishing schedules.

Full Service Management

Development, implementation, growth & reporting. We do it all for you.

Analytics Reporting

Social media marketing analytics. Followers, likes, engagement & reach.
Facebook social media marketing for business San Jose, CA

Custom Built Facebook Page

Your organization's logo and messaging built into your cover and profile image
Social media strategy consulting San Jose, CA

Custom-built Twitter profile

Branded background and profile image
Social media management service San Jose, CA

Assigned content manager

Dedicated to building your social media performance

Full Service Social Media Account Management

We build and execute your marketing strategy from top to bottom. Identifying your target audience, developing visual and written content they find valuable, and delivering it via the channels they are using. Our capabilities include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. We are ready to manage your social media marketing, social media paid advertising and public relations campaigns.

Have something else in mind? Let's talk.

Every social media campaign we manage is based on this approach:


We consider your business plan as the foundation for a smart social media management strategy. Reviewing your plan, with a focus on defining your target audience, business goals and financial resources, lets us create a strategy and leads to the next step: tactics.


Let's talk tactics: Identify what type of content is relevant to your target audience. Develop content for the purpose of addressing their needs and show them that you are a solution to those needs. Deliver content in ways that are attractive and informative.


Not every social media channel is right for every business or non-profit organization. Identification of which channels are being used by your target audience is a most important task. We help you do that. And we provide you with recommendations for how your content will be best suited for which channel(s).