My clients are oftentimes people who have no time to blog. Business owners and managers that have more important things to do than spend time writing a new post for a business blog, much less doing the research it takes to make the blog post a good one. With this premise in mind, why should they even have a business blog as part of their website?

Some of you reading this may be smiling or smirking because you know the answer to the “why.” You are the type of business owner who seeks increased business credibility through a professional website; a total online experience for your existing and potential customers, not just a static website. The type of entrepreneur who is seeking better SEO that a business blog inherently brings.

Did you know the business blog is the cheapest, most professional and most effective way to improve your organic SEO and make it easier for your customers to find you in search results?

Fundamentally, a business blog is an opportunity. It’s a way to connect with customers in a real-time, accessible way. But your blog needs to be part of your business, not a side-thought. And it has to be part of your marketing and lead generation strategy. Promote your business blog in e-mail newsletters, your printed materials, packaging materials and contests or promotions. A blog will not magically drive business without active and ongoing promotion and participation from you – but it will drive business if it is properly built and you make a commitment to it.


Back to the top: Many people have no time to make the necessary commitment to their business blog, yet they want (and need) its benefits.

Solution: Hire an affordable and qualified professional blog writer. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it takes the weight of that time commitment off of your shoulders.

Don’t have your business blog built yet? Check with us to see how easy and affordable it is to move into action.