4 Tips for content marketing for nonprofit organizations

As a nonprofit organization, you benefit from building awareness of your cause at the lowest cost possible. Especially if you can’t afford an entire content marketing team, you need to make the most of the resources you already have in-house.

The good news is, many nonprofits are using content marketing to build awareness of their organization. According to Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of nonprofits use content marketing to promote their organization. Although the majority of nonprofits are using content marketing, only 26 percent of organizations rate themselves as effective at content marketing.

When it comes to creating a successful content marketing strategy, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Here are four content marketing tips that will help you build awareness of your organization:

1. Create a documented content marketing strategy.

Having a documented content marketing strategy can boost success for your organization. Unfortunately, only 25 percent of nonprofit professionals have a documented content marketing strategy

As a nonprofit professional, it’s essential to create a written content marketing strategy. Design editorial calendars that will help you keep track of the type of content you need to produce and when it’ll be published. It’s also important to find a professional who can oversee your content marketing strategy. This will make it much easier for your content marketing strategy to be implemented.

2. Utilize powerful storytelling.

The key to a successful content marketing strategy for nonprofits is storytelling. Every nonprofit has a story to tell and this story is what motivates people to donate their time or money to the organization.

To build awareness of your organization, share stories that will relate to people who support your nonprofit. Think about the emotions you want to target and how you want to influence your audience. Keeping these details in mind will help you identify the best story to share with your target audience.

[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″]The key to a successful content marketing strategy for nonprofits is storytelling. [/quote]

3. Publish a variety of content.

As a nonprofit organization, you can’t rely on a single tactic for your content marketing strategy. It’s essential to produce a variety of content that will help you build as much awareness as possible for your organization.

When creating content for your organization, think about the best way to reach your audience. It’s also important to think about what tactics will best illustrate your message. According to Content Marketing Institute, the most common content marketing tactics nonprofits utilize include in-person events, email newsletters, social media, and videos.

To help you become effective at creating content, it’s a good idea to schedule your content calendar around significant events for your organization. For example, if you have a fundraiser scheduled in the upcoming months, you might want to develop a social media campaign to build awareness of your fundraiser. By centering your content around events within your organization, you’ll always have unique information to share with your audience.

4. Enlist in a community of influencers.

Want to truly make an impact with your content marketing strategy? Connect with influential people within your community who are active on social media. These could be business owners, political leaders, or public relations professionals who’d advocate your cause on social media.

After you connect with influential people within your community, ask them to share your content with their networks. This will make it easier for the word to spread about your organization and build more awareness of your cause.

Content marketing is a powerful tool for nonprofits. Not only will it help you build awareness of your organization, it will also help you accomplish your goals. By following these content marketing tips, you’ll be able to develop a strategy that spreads a positive message about your organization that will reach your targeted audience.

What are your best content marketing tips for nonprofits?