A cardinal rule in serious headline writing is to not use slang or play word games. I broke that rule (see above). But if you are reading this then I am quite alright with whatever the consequences are. Plus, I am not always all that serious.

E-mmediate is my play on the word “immediate.” Immediate is the best way to describe how quickly you can place a HIGH quality photo onto your WordPress website or business blog without having to worry about ethics or time consumption.

That is to say, you are not stealing somebody else’s photo – you use Creative Commons images from Flickr – and you are giving proper credit and a link that keeps you in straight-up compliance with the letter and the spirit of Creative Commons attribution. In short, great photos for free!

Easy is the part I like as much as ethics. There is no convoluted process for getting the great-looking, attention-grabbing images from Flickr onto your website. The plugin does all the work including a relative search of the Flickr database right from inside the plugin on your website. Good stuff.

Ethical. How many times have you (which also equates to, “I”) found a great looking image on a Google search or while surfing or while reading something you have subscribed to. And how many times has that lightning-fast thought flashed into your mind, “I’m the one who found it, so it’s mine!” or perhaps more commonly, “Well, it’s ON Google… that must mean it’s free and I can use it.” Then you right click your way into saving the image onto your computer and using it on your website – that’s the rub. And you just never really know if you are breaking copyright law or engaging in the misappropriation of somebody else’s creative work.

Photo Dropper imports the required Creative Commons author and backlink info when it posts the image to your website. Super easy!

Unless you take the time to make sure the images you use are free (without attribution) – and there are a few ways for that to be the case – or you pay the money for pro images, this plugin is a good one to have.

It was last updated in 2008 but it still boasts a moderate number of daily download statistics, and I tested it on WordPress v3.1 today and it worked like a charm.

When it comes to many finding and using professional-quality images, you normally have 3 options: misappropriate it, buy it, or using Creative Commons-licensed photos. The first can get you into serious legal trouble and the second costs money, so option three is the winner.

Want to fess-up or talk about cardinal rules you have broken, or the 3 E’s in your life, or even make a comment about your experience with this plugin? The invitation is open!