An odd trio, right? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are an easy comparison to draw to, but we’ll stick with the metermaid element because it is mysterious… so far.

I found an instance of Feng Shui, the local metermaid and SEO all coming together, quite by chance, after reading a great post at Blog Tyrant about how to use Feng Shui to increase your wealth – with 7 practical tips. Let me tell you: increasing my wealth and being able to help others is a top priority so I paid close attention to what was written. And it applies to many of us who use our websites to make a living.

Dismissive is the term I use to describe my attitude towards most of today’s “touchy-feely, fengy-shway” stuff. Bonsai bushes, portable-waterfalls and novelty sandboxes with a mini-rake and little rocks in them do not catch my fancy. But as I grow more mature (read:older), I am more interested in the wisdom and experience that can be found in centuries-old practices. Feng Shui is one of those such practices; an art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. How can I use that to benefit myself or others, today?

Number 6 on the list in Blog Tyrant’s post was:

Get lots of sunlight and fresh air

The meaning here is obvious common sense but perhaps a luxury for many of us whose workspace accommodations might not include a window.

Number 2 was:

Use symbols of wealth in the Southeast corner

The examples given were to arrange things in your home, office or workspace that symbolized wealth, so that they were situated in the Southeast corner of that space. Items or pictures that infer wealth were suggested.

We’re getting closer to the metermaid part now.

Willingness to practice this simple form of wisdom is present with me, but fresh air and sunlight are unobtainable commodities in the office I have now. While the trade-off is for unbeatably cheap leasing costs, I do physically feel the energy drain created by working in a space with no sunlight.

The nexus: The every-two-hours metermaid rounds force me to get up, go outside and move my truck to avoid the parking ticket! Thus, sunlight and fresh air.

The closer: Because of Feng Shui (get fresh air), I go outside regularly (avoid parking ticket) and have a clearer mind (better SEO writing for my business blog). A win-win-win.

The kicker: Our town’s courthouse (a.k.a. fine collection center) is on the Southeast corner of its intersection… where’s the wealth!

Comments on your own practices, SEO boosters or even a metermaid story are welcomed.