Lately, we have had increasing opportunities to become more involved in web advertising and helping some of our clients monetize their online presence; this “online presence” term is used specifically in contrast to a “website presence.” Many of us are aware that our online presence can be much broader than just our website.

In the case of SafeHouse Web, we have the fortune of being located in Hollister, California. No doubt, many of you will recognize and associate the name of “Hollister” as an already-established and very popular clothing line or, if you are a motorcycle aficionado, you are well aware of the biker lore surrounding Hollister as being the birthplace of the American biker in 1947. So, we have the value of using our location’s naturally valuable (no copyright infringement) name – do you have anything in your world that you can capitalize on?

For our efforts in the blending of web design and development, alongside SEO, we have found the following 5 components of text ads to be ones that are valuable to use each and every time; and they are one of those groups of “top tips” that can apply to all of your other online and business writing, too.

Component #1: The text ad is the only part of an account that is shown to a searcher. This means that the text ad has to fulfill its job in getting searchers to click on the ad and proceed to the advertiser’s website. Each text ad has to adhere to the character limitations while intriguing the searcher enough to click.

Component #2: Why are you unique? Chances are, you will have competition on your text ads. Your brief message has to show searchers why you are unique. You may want to take a look at text ads competing with your content so you can decipher how to word your ad so it is different and unique, while still communicating effectively.

Component #3: Use topical-based language. Most industries have specific jargon that would only be understood by members of that audience; these are people who have been knowledgeable of the industry for some time. Make sure your ads don’t include this type of jargon because it will likely dissuade new audience members from clicking on the ad due to a lack of industry understanding.

Component #4: Use proper spelling. This component should be a no-brainer, but it’s worth emphasizing. Not only will text ads with misspellings reflect negatively on your company to thousands of impressions, but Google may also reject the ad itself. This of course will prove to be a waste of your time and money.

Component #5: Title casing. The manner in which you present your ad is important as well. If you are selling products to younger generations, using a capital letter at the beginning of each word may be more acceptable to them then doing so to an older generation, or when it comes to B2B clients. For these audiences, the standard paragraph casing may appear to be more professional.

There are a number of nuances within the world of writing text ads that may increase or decrease your success and ad revenue. Having these five components as part of your focus will likely help improve your small business campaigns overall.

We have an uncommon approach to peer partnerships and cross-promotion that we also apply to the concepts of your advertising strategies. Ask yourself, “Which one of my peers can benefit from advertising their special offer or freebie on my website [or my facebook page]?” and you will be off to a good start. Better yet, contact us and we’ll help!