Managed websites build association membership

Law associations are dynamic communities. There is continual activity going on within the association. You have events happening all the time that foster networking and membership building. Lawyers, judges, mediators, arbitrators and dispute resolution specialists all have their respective professional associations and use their websites to help increase membership numbers and to further professional development in their respective areas of practice. But is your website equipped to keep up with the dynamic nature of your association? On top of that, do you have an online presence (through social media and other digital avenues) that drives increasing traffic to your website?

When it comes to finding a web developer for your law association website, there are many out there to choose from. The challenge is that most companies that design websites do not offer a management service that can keep up with the constant updates you need. Sure, they may perform routine maintenance, security, and backups. But that is just a small part of the management service needed for law association websites.

At SafeHouse Web, we offer law associations and other nonprofits a full service solution. We deliver professionally designed websites with high quality graphics and the customized features necessary to ensure that your site does everything you need it to do. We also keep your website maintained, performing regular backups and delivering you the most up-to-date security to protect against malicious code and brute force attacks from hackers throughout the World Wide Web. But we don’t stop there.

Law association websites need to be continually updated with upcoming events, results of previous events, membership drives and much more. We post regularly on your site and on high traffic social media platforms about all the latest happenings within your association. All of the social media postings direct members (and prospective members) back to your main hub, which is your website. Once on your site, visitors are greeted with compelling copy that engages them and prompts them to take the further action.

SEO for Greater Web Visibility

To be found by more prospective members, you need an effective search engine optimization plan. SEO primarily comes down to one thing; developing quality content that is highly valuable to your target audience. As mentioned earlier, we distribute your content in a number of ways – on page, social media, blogging, guest posting, etc. – all with the goal of bringing more targeted visitors to your online properties.

With regard to quality content and SEO, we are happy to showcase the fact that Google itself is currently the only suite of websites who beat our website for the search term “add url to google” and “submit url google.” We are on page 1 and beaten only by Google. We have several other such examples that we are more than happy to share at your request.

Closing Arguments

At the end of the day, there are primarily two types of websites out there in cyberspace;

  1. Those with little to no traffic that are collecting virtual dust.

  2. Those that draw a healthy volume of visitors and have the tools needed to effectively engage their traffic.

When you partner with SafeHouse Web, you will gain an experienced advocate that gives your website the ongoing management and support it needs. And an effectively managed website ultimately increases event participation, grows membership, and enhances the revenue of the association – delivering you a higher overall return on your investment.