Optimizing your site in small increments – ounces instead of pounds – has proven to be an effective way to get solid, ethical results.  In fact, many experts write that the search engine robots/crawlers/gizmos have become adept at identifying optimization overkill (i.e.  over-usage of keywords, spamming backlinks, improper/excessive use of internal tags) because so many people opt for adding pounds of optimization immediately.

At SafeHouse Web, we believe the tried and true method of providing good, genuine site content and keeping that content fresh is the foundation for making your site stand out against your competitors.  This, followed by interactive content that attracts visitors and a solid hand-built backlinking program, is the main part of the optimization service we offer.  These practices take time, and are generally executed over periods of months.

Basic coding techniques and the recommended use of successful CMS like WordPress, with proven track records, are also included.