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Beginning with business goals and marketing strategy, we set our vision on building a new, modern and user friendly website for LAIPLA. That was back in 2011 when their website was ready to emerge from the depths and rise to represent the spirit of intellectual property law, innovation and partnerships. Today, their WordPress-based website includes features for event promotion, email marketing, industry news and recruitment of new members.

A new logo design was imagined as a collaboration between SafeHouse Web and one of the design-inclined members of LAIPLA, and that became a welcomed base for much of the organizations new online and offline marketing. Branding and identity was focused on a modern and minimalistic look & feel that spoke to the naturally cutting-edge nature of law firms and attorneys who work in intellectual property law.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was employed at the very start of the website project and has remained in place through two additional redesigns. The website ranks on page 1 of Google search results for pertinent search will find a lot of top quality and fashionable burberry 710670 1 fashion sunglasses. humans of all avenues of life want clone hermes galop dhermes watches for sale in usa.