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New website projects
Redesign or remodel existing sites
Search Engine Optimization
Maintenance and periodic updates of content & images, software
Basic eCommerce solutions
Wed Ad Design


Per-project pricing
Monthly packages for ongoing maintenance & updates
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Hosting Recommendations

We provide recommendations based on our first-hand experiences, good and bad, with many of the hosting services you have to choose from. We’ll give you an evaluation of your site, its goals, and which hosting service we recommend as being best suited for your unique needs. Oftentimes, the site you want us to build and/or manage for you will determine the best hosting choice. We don’t provide commercial hosting services directly, but we will facilitate them for you.

Website Development & Design

New websites that we build utilize themes and frameworks. This decreases the amount of time needed to get your website online, while still providing a great deal of flexibility that allows us to give your site a customized look and individual features.

Re-design and Update services are also available for existing websites. We like to take a look at what you already have, re-evaluate the goals for your website, then make some twists and tweaks that will give your site a fresh look and some updated functionality; usually we shoot for more interaction with your site’s visitors.

In both new and update projects, we go through a development consultation to identify how your website fits into your business plan.

Launching your site is also part of what we do for you; develop, design, build, launch (and manage, if you like) are all actions you can expect when you ask us to handle your website project.


About our process

SafeHouse Web offers a turnkey alternative for small business websites. We build a compelling website that delivers for your company. We take care of all the technology so you can focus on your business. Your website will be scalable so you can upgrade and add features at any time. It works on all smartphones and tablets, and leverages Google and Social Media to build traffic.

Our process starts by consulting with you to plan your web strategy by analyzing your current site, your business plan and then make recommendations with options where appropriate. We discuss key assets like written content and imagery, and set a baseline for what you have and what you need to have produced. For some projects, a wireframe is created to confirm site functionality, layout, and site organization.

We apply an in-depth knowledge of website design, graphic design, typography, business presentation and user experience to the websites we build. The result is a professional, visually appealing website that showcases your business, products and services.

The Production phase begins with setting up a new website on SafeHouse Web’s development server. Here, we add the content, fine tune design details, add plugins or other software needed to deliver site functionality, and stage all other technical aspects of the website. Images and video content is optimized, and each page is tested internally before inviting you to review the website and make comments or changes prior to the website launch.

Our digital marketing approach employs many strategies to drive traffic to your site and to guide visitors when they arrive. These include SEO, local search, email marketing campaigns, advertising, social media strategies and back link efforts. SafeHouse Web sets up Google analytics on your website to measure performance, target opportunities, and improve results over time.

All of our website projects are built on the WordPress platform unless our clients require something specialized and that is better produced on a different platform. For example, for moderate-to-heavy e-commerce websites, we recommend the Shopify platform.