The online world continues to make some amazingly rapid changes, with respect to how small businesses can benefit in an affordable way.  Here, we are speaking to the narrow, yet powerful and far-reaching niche of WordPress.  Important to realize (and many have already experienced) is that many entrepreneurs are not getting as much business from their website because they have not stayed current with the trends.

One of the trends that should not be brushed aside is the phenomenon called WordPress.  In case you’re new to the blogging world, WordPress is a very popular, totally free, open source blogging application and Content Management System (CMS)  that has captured the attention of just about every worth-their-salt online marketer.  You are looking at a WordPress website right now.

Static HTML websites just can’t compete with WordPress websites for a number of reasons.  Below are  5 good, compelling reasons to use WordPress for your small business website and to offer your business growth:

1.  Better Search Engine Rankings– Without a doubt, WordPress websites outrank static HTML websites on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.   This means A LOT  more traffic coming to your website through the search engines.  The “Why” of this is summarized here:

2.  Integration with Social Media– You can create a perfect synergy between your website and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube.  You can install plugins on your website such as ReTweet that allow your visitors to re-tweet your blog post to their followers with the push of a button.  You can install plugins like Onlywire that enable you to distribute your blog post to 27 social bookmarking sites within a couple of minutes. People can also leave comments on your blog so you can build a relationship with them and get stimulating conversations going.

Facebook-centric approaches to online social media strategies are also on the  rise, and justifiably so.  The current popularity and unmatched reach of Facebook make it a perfect place for “ground zero” of your social media launch. Its has applications that interface with WordPress, plus there are many WordPress plugins designed specifically to enhance small business’ tie to Facebook. Having a Facebook Business Page has become the norm; this is another small, affordable service offered by SafeHouse Web.

Social proof is one of the main factors Google looks at these days to rank your site.  If Google sees that your blog/website is getting a lot of re-tweets and comments, it proves that your content is valuable and informative.  The social media integration is the basis of Good Reason #3 as well.

3.  The Power of Viral Marketing–Since it is so easy to spread the word about your content through social media sites, there is a much greater likelihood that people will share your information.  On twitter, your content can go viral within a couple minutes of your blog post, which means that potentially hundreds of new visitors can swarm to your website with incredible speed. The operative word here – “can.” You must have fresh relevant content to make that swarm happen.

4. Easy Management of Your Content– With a static HTML site, a web designer is usually in charge of making additions or updates. With a WordPres site, you can easily post new updates any time you want and you are 100% in control of the process. The more regularly you post content, the more traffic you will get through the search engines and through social media. Static sites are just that–static. Google rewards a site that is dynamic and engaging, and that is regularly updated with fresh, original and valuable content.

5.  You Get to Brand Yourself– This is an absolutely critical point to understand.  In this day and age, people are fed up with conventional advertising and marketing.  People are craving more authenticity and connection.  They want to get a sense of who you really are before they do business with you.  People are sold on you before they are sold on your company.  Your wesite is the perfect medium to position yourself as a trusted expert and leader through personal branding.  YOU, INC. is the platform upon which to build!

A WordPress website is a long-term asset that you are in total control of.  By branding yourself, you don’t have to worry about giving away too much power to a company, investor, or web designer.   Your website is your central home on the internet, around which you can build a loyal following for years to come.

About cost. There is some back-and-forth about how much you need to pay for a WordPress website.  Yes, WordPress is a totally free application. But for something above the blog-only level of WordPress, it is recommended that you enlist professional services if you are serious about having a successful business website. There are many, many details that go into creating a professional website with all the right plugins and marketing features that you are going to need to generate some serious traffic.

In my recent virtual travels, I’ve found most designers or companies are charging between $3,000-5,000 for a fully functional, professionally designed WordPress website.  Not the case at SafeHouse Web.  Contact me for more information.