Would you finish this phrase with “words” or with “dollars?”

We have a combination of both for you. Saving thousands of dollars on unnecessarily expensive website design is one of the things WordPress is infamous for. We use the term “infamous” in an unfamiliar, but positive reference; while many designers and developers are steeped in flash or in proprietary solutions that cost a ton of money. Or, surprisingly common, are stuck in old school HTML editors and website builders that come with the hosting service and produce results that leave business owners short. They may find WordPress to be a demon or passing fad. They may see WordPress as an infamous threat to their way of doing business.

We see it differently. We see it as the best solution for providing a professional, affordable  and SEO equipped website for your business. Period.

So we’ve addressed the dollars part.

Now, here is how a picture that is worth a thousand words is also one that can save you thousands of dollars on your website project:

Infographic: The Power of WordPressThe Power of WordPress by Tech King

“One image shows the power of WordPress.” –Jeff Chandler, weblogtoolscollection.com

Which would you choose – words or dollars – and, why?