How do I write a good Facebook post? How do I write a tweet that will be popular on Twitter? And what about Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube?

These questions capsulize one of the most common and prominent problems executives, social media managers and business owners come to us with: How do I engage my audience and get them interested in my product or service? What [magic] do I need to put in there?

While each business or non-profit organization has its own unique audience, they each have the same choice of channels to communicate with. And if the organization has done a good job of first figuring out where their audience is – which social media channel – they can get to work on creating valuable content to deliver on the relevant channel(s); valuable content to engage that audience. They also have the opportunity to see that having a strong social media marketing campaign is an ingrediant in an overall business strategy.

The answer to the “how to” questions starts with investing thoughtful time into the strategy and, with most organizations, includes the use of a consultant or social media management expert to help guide that time and effort. After that strategy has been developed, it’s time to start looking at tactics. And that’s exactly what this great infographic from HubSpot shows us.

How to create a perfect post on social media platforms
Infographic source: HubSpot

One of the good things about my work here at SafeHouse Web is the ability to collaborate with, and learn from, others. This leads to a couple more good things:

1. Getting to share valuable knowledge, experience and advice with my customers; my clients are why I am doing what I do.

2. Having the opportunity to learn more and develop my own expertise. Having expertise to help others – and to grow this company through helping others – is pretty cool.

When I saw this infographic today on HubSpot, I immediately knew I had to share it with you, here. And I went a step further and looked at the website of the agency that designed the infographic, mycleveragency; I recommend you surf their site, too – great stuff!

Get in touch with us if any of this post resonates with you and the needs of your organization. We can help move you in the right direction and keep you on track.