There are many online tools available for NPOs – nonprofit organizations – to utilize in order to boost donor development and increase revenue. Our last blog post, Google My Business and Tools for Non-Profit Organizations, highlights how Google tools offer most anything an NPO needs to be successful. In this post we will be discussing how Google Drive and Google Wallet help increase an organization’s donor base, making fundraising more effective for the organization and easier for the donors.

How Google Drive Can Improve NPO Donor Development

Google Drive is a cloud storage system that enables your NPO to easily maintain and share all of your important data. Drive is essentially free to use and comes with a large amount of storage space; currently up to 15 GB at no cost. If your organization needs even more space, then you can pay monthly for Google Drive for Work to receive unlimited storage space; currently $10 per user per month. This online tool comes with easy to use sharing settings, where you can control who is permitted to view and edit files. Google Drive also allows you to share links to your files, so that anyone may view it even without a Google account.

There are a number of Google tools that work in conjunction with Google Drive, two of which are Google Forms and Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a data management program that uses spreadsheets, similar to Microsoft Excel. Google Forms allows you to manage your events, create surveys or polls, and other online forms. These forms can be linked to Google Sheets, allowing responses to be automatically sent to the spreadsheet so that you can easily track the patterns of your community.

Research data gives you the information necessary to focus your efforts towards increasing revenue by hosting successful fundraising events and focusing other fund development activities. It also allows you to track your major contributors’ interests and build better relationships. These Google tools compile the research for you, essentially removing most of the tedious work, giving your organization even more time to concentrate on donor development.

How Google Wallet Can Benefit Fundraising

Google Wallet is a simple and safe way to receive donations through your website. It’s completely free to create an account, and when linked with a bank account there are no transaction fees. We know that the more work and personal information that a donor has to fill out in order to donate decreases their likelihood of contributing. But with Google Wallet, once a donor has setup their account donating is as simple as two clicks (or two taps on a tablet). This intuitive donation system can help to reduce walkaways during your donation process. They can also donate anonymously, easily repeat donations, and keep track of their transactions all through a single login from their computer or smartphone. The Google Wallet donate button can also be added to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Having the donate button easily accessible next to your company’s message will encourage them to contribute by taking the hassle out of finding a way to donate on a different page. Potential donators can even be encouraged to contribute at fundraising events via their mobile devices. The security of Google’s fraud protection and user friendly design makes donating with Google Wallet a preferred choice.

Although there are many online tool alternatives out there to use instead of Google, having them all streamlined together and working in conjunction with one another puts Google ahead of the pack. Google Android devices and search engines has proven that Google is user-friendly, trustworthy, and reliable when it comes to their programming. Google Wallet and Google Drive continue to reflect these standards. These are great tools for any business, but Google has gone out of their way to add additional features for NPOs. Using Google Wallet will give you access to One Today, a Google for Nonprofit program that will easily allow people to pledge $1 a day to the NPO of their choice. These are just a few of the tools that you can use to help increase your NPO’s donor base and help your cause.