SEO experts for Palo Alto businesses report search engine results from Google include content from Facebook mobile app

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that two of the largest online titans in the game, Facebook and Google, have united to give Android based Google searches unprecedented indexing access to the social media platform’s app content.  Not only does this development give Google a firmer stronghold in an online world where search engine efficiency is challenged by exclusion from app based content and information, but more importantly, the news is a delight for business owners and entrepreneurs who have been investing time and effort into creating useful Facebook posts and content.  Though public information, including events, pages, and groups already appear in Google searches, this change is remarkable in that it is the first time that individual Facebook page posts will show up in mobile Google searches.

After the frustration at Facebook algorithm changes over the past year that made it nearly impossible, without paying extra ‘boosting fees,’ to share posts to a page’s full aggregated audience, I find this alliance to be a breath of fresh air.  Still, to take advantage of the indexing developments, posting vigilance is required.  Here are a few fantastic tips that will keep you on track:

Using Keywords Is Key

Your SEO and keyword strategy has now extended into the Facebook world.  In addition to essential hash tags and page linking, post titles, descriptions, and wording are now more important than ever.  Consider your post introductions as a mini ‘meta-tagging,’ area, and enjoy the return as Google indexes your posts for a whole new mobile audience.

Reserve Privacy For Your Personal Posts

The great thing about the Facebook and Google alliance is that it indexes any post that is set to public view.  Whether the post is on your personal or professional page is of no consequence.  If you have privacy built into your post settings, be sure to make changes so that the content is publicly available.  Don’t forget to review privacy settings for all of your past posts so that you can get the most indexing bang for your buck.

Embed A Dedicated Call To Action In Every Post

In the past when Facebook post links have been sourced through other platforms (Twitter, etc.), clicking would take a person directly to the publication or the blog from which the article was sourced.  With this new mobile search development, any person who clicks on your Google indexed Facebook post will be led right back to your very own Facebook page.  This is exciting marketing news. Be sure to take advantage of this direct routing by putting your desired call to action in the description of every post so that you can retain the Google sourced audience that this new development will help to attract.

For the time being, these new developments are limited to Android based Google searches.  There is no information to date on if other search engines will be soon be added to the program, or if the functionality will be extended to Apple based Google searches.