Are you looking to build a credible business online? Starting today with small steps to build yourself and your business credibility is an easy thing to put off. Right? You may procrastinate as often as I do, but today is a new day! Yes, cliche, but true. This post is simply a quick and powerful way you can give your business a boost – TODAY. And in no more than 15 minutes of your valuable time, I say!

So does Carloyn Higgins, President of Fortune Marketing Company:

What are you doing to increase exposure for your business? Today, spend 15 minutes promoting your business.: comment on the walls of 5 target customers (especially B2B biz), comment on a blog related to your product or service, write a quick article, or answer a question in an onlne community. These activities boost awareness, increase credibility and lead to more customers!

The truth is that these small steps, when done regularly and consistently over a period of time – let’s say 6 months for the sake of conversation – will produce measurable results. They will produce more traffic, more visitors to your website. I know because I have tried them myself and have seen a marked increase in website traffic, visitor quality and even a few business leads. Good stuff. I know because I continue to use them today; I want my business to keep growing and becoming more profitable.

Does that sound like something we have in common?

Below are my goals for today. I will accomplish them, and I’ll also do them again on my next appointed “rounds.” Take a look and start thinking about something similar for your business. Posting your ideas and results here is always welcomed!

Comment on the walls of 5 target customers:

1. Freelance Switch
2. Pagelines
4. Big Brand System
5. Fortune Marketing Company

[Those are their websites. I will choose to post on their blog, forum, Facebook or Twitter, depending on what subject matter I can make the best contribution on.]

Comment on a blog related to your service:

My comment is found here: Is Your Business Tech-Oriented or People-Focused?

Write a quick article:

You’re reading it!

Building credibility simply takes time. By engaging in these kinds of exercises, you will be in better shape to do well in the marathon of credibility versus the sprint of novelty.