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Unconscious Judgments of an Investment Broker

Unconscious Judgments of an Investment Broker A study conducted recently highlights two of the most common unconscious biases in social judgment. Prof. Emily Pronin of Princeton University showed study participants one of two pictures of the same man whom she introduced as an investment broker. One picture showed a suited man with a highly regarded Cornell degree and the other showed the man in casual clothing with a degree from a nondescript college. The professor asked her participants how much of a theoretical $1,000 they would invest with each. The participants rated the suited man as more competent. He got $535 on average without having his background checked. In contrast, the causal dresser got just $352. The participants did not consider the second broker as trustworthy and were more likely to have his credentials verified.

Source: rightattitudes.com

We think the analogy of this study and how professional your website looks, is clear.

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