More connections. More people. More WordPress.

Last week Microsoft announced it would migrate 30+ million current users from its Windows Live Spaces blogging platform over to WordPress.

“Microsoft says that it decided that instead of building its own competing blogging service, it should go with WordPress’s fleshed-out feature set, which has 26 million users and powers over 8.5% of sites across the web. Users will be migrated through a process that preserves all of their content, and will automatically redirect visitors who head to their existing Microsoft Live Spaces sites,” according to

We first read about this development in this article at and were pleasantly surprised to see that Microsoft is doing something that seems unmicrosoftish; it’s doing something that seems to make sense to the rest of us!

And a very big thing to consider with this move is the 30+ million people that will be added to the WordPress community, added to interactivity… added to the market! More people to reach – more people to serve.