Thanksgiving Sale at StudioPress, Comparison of PlatformPro vs Genesis

An objective opinion about two top-of-the-line WordPress frameworks and a great discount code from StudioPress are values I found today while reading the latest from Bryan Haines. And they are substantial enough that I want to pass them along to you. As a matter of practice, I follow Bryan Haines’ articles in the Online Business/Hosting section of because he gives straightforward and useful information for those of us interested in having a productive online presence.


The first value is Bryan’s quick article about the 25% discount being offered at StudioPress, including their Genesis framework. The discount ends at 5p.m. (PST) on November 28, 2011 and can be redeemed at the StudioPress Thanksgiving Sale page, for any of their products. Genesis is a well-established and effective tool for creating professional looking WordPress websites and business blogs quickly. Use the promo code THANKS for this Thanksgiving sale.


The second value is Bryan Haines’ review and comparison of the Genesis framework from StudioPress and the PlatformPro framework from PageLines. These two framework options are today’s most popular choices for building professional WordPress websites. I found this article of particular interest because I had not seen a reputable and unbiased comparison of them before and because I routinely choose to use PlatformPro as my primary WordPress framework. I love its flexibility in design and customization along with its ease of use. From a purely business standpoint, I also find PageLines’ PlatformPro enables me to provide a high-grade product for my clients that often fits their budget and my pricing.

After reading Bryan’s review, I am motivated to dedicate an amount of time to exploring the viability of adding Genesis to my toolbox.

If you are looking into using PlatformPro or Genesis as the framework for your new website, I recommend checking out Bryan’s executive-level summary here: Genesis vs PlatformPro: WordPress Framework Comparison. It’s great information to have for your own use or to use for asking informed questions of your website developer.