How many of you are currently using Google Alerts to stay current on a topic? It is one of the many ways to feed new information to yourself, but as with most things Google, it is fairly easy to manage and it is – to say the least – comprehensive.  Google Alerts will email you anytime there are new Google results for your search terms.

Easy to set up, all you have to do is enter your search terms, select what you want to monitor, decide how often you want to be notified (once a week, every day, or as it happens), and enter the email address where you want to be notified.

Monitoring this can give you an endless amount of topics to draw from in order to keep your content fresh and up-to-date with the latest happenings on any subject. A part of Google Alerts includes you a place to manage your alerts so that you can easily view your search terms.

Google Alerts

Being one of the first blogs with an update on a certain political figure or have the most current celebrity news when you use Google Alerts has tangible benefits in terms of fresh content and monetization; you may already know that those two go hand-in-hand!  The possibilities are endless. Spend some time setting this up for keywords that relate to your niche and see what kind of inspiration it brings. Since this is a FREE tool, you can’t lose!

You can have the most current news on any subject if you stay on top of it and commit to writing about breaking news that Google notifies you about. When your visitors see that you are coming up with valuable, quality posts on a subject, they will most likely subscribe to your business blog and read what you have to say on a regular basis – daily, if you write that often.

Does this sound like a valuable instrument for your business blogging? If so, leave a comment here about how you currently use Google Alerts, or how you think it will help generate inspiration for your next post.