Push Pins - Decoration, Tool or Gag
These are intriguing little push pins that are designed to look like screws. Imagine the anxiety of the homeowner who might think you used screws to affix a note to their wall or door? That’s the gag part.

Or perhaps you decided to use them for the simple purpose they’re intended for – push pins, that is. That’s the tool part.

Then there’s the possibility you used them, fully knowing they would not fool anybody and are just cool, out-of-the-ordinary looking push pins, to post a picture at your office or a school art project on the kids’ cork board. The decoration.

Now think, quickly, what first-impression your website gives:

Is it a tool that speaks to your target audience and has a crisp, professional appearance and functionality?

Is it a decoration that you use to adorn your business card and print materials with that ever-so-lovable “www” or the must-have “.com” so that you don’t look out of touch with every other serious business?

Or [gasp] has it become just a gag that is so out-dated, antiquated and un-useful that you, yourself, cringe at the thought of other people seeing it as a representation of you and your business? You know, the kind of website, when you find one like it, you exhale an audible, “phffft,” shake your head and then click away wondering why that business put you through the trouble of looking at their quote-unquote website.

Hint: Your website may fall under the gag category if:

  • It is 5 years old, or more
  • It does not use a solid content management system
  • It does not have a blog or other fresh content mechanism
  • It does not know who, what or where SEO is
  • Its design, fonts, images and navigation are so archaic that even Charlie Sheen would have trouble justifying it
  • It lacks the presence of a way(s) for your customers to connect with you easily and through social media

I love a good gag, don’t you? And I love to incorporate humor into website content whenever possible and appropriate. But I also look at everyone of those “phffft” noises that I exhale as an opportunity to help a fellow small business owner get away from having a website gag and straight into having a website tool.

Get in touch with me to find out how easy it can be for you to move forward.