Plugins make WordPress what it has become today: No longer “just” a world-class blogging platform, but also a world-class Content Management System (CMS).  Plugins allow unending customization of WordPress-based websites and they are the reason non-profit organizations, small businesses and large corporations choose to use the WordPress platform to build their online presence upon.

The WordPress Plugin Directory (formerly known as the repository), has over 22,000 plugins available for free download. From the basics of building a sitemap and submitting your URL to Google, all the way to complex e-commerce solutions and hundreds of needs in between, there is a plugin that will do the job.

Building credibility through the professionalism of your website is something more and more people are realizing is a “must have.” The reputation of your business hangs upon the strength of your online presence, now, more than ever before.  Check out this great infographic from the people at WP Template and Types of Graphs.