Presenting our brand new and first-ever video promotional piece for SafeHouse Web!

This short, 42 second video clip was designed for use on our website, Facebook page, newsletter, Twitter as well as some select uses in online advertising. It is short enough to be attractive and it conveys a clear visual message about one of the ways we solve the problems faced by small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Using it as a trailer for bigger video productions or video testimonials, and directory listings such as Google Places or even for commercials on localized cable TV outlets is part of our business plan. SEO is another big benefit of having a library of quality video. Once the videos are produced, they can be uploaded to YouTube as part of our own YouTube channel. Optimizing our uploaded YouTube videos with keyword rich titles, descriptions and proper use of tags will improve the search engine optimization of the video which can, in turn, do nothing but help the SEO of our website and its SERP position. Or, when we so choose, we can target a designated audience with a purposefully made video that is optimized to drive traffic elsewhere, like a landing page.

A key strategy is to include this trailer, and others that we will create, with content that people can use rather than having this clip solely be a stand-alone promotional video. Fresh content such as a video about the latest WordPress plugin release or updates to the most popular WordPress backup plugins, for example, is a great way to help people and to be relevant to our audience at the same time. Video tutorials are also popular and can be a good way to reach directly to our niche market.

Conversely, using the video as a stand-alone demonstration piece for the kind of short, impactful video promotion pieces that SafeHouse Web can generate for its clients is a beneficial action. Used in that way, the stand-alone presentation does work to show as an example to other business owners who see the value in having an affordable video promotion as part of their online marketing strategy. Non-profit organizations will also see benefits from video promotion simply because of the human interest of their stories and missions. This particular piece, sometimes called a fast-draw video or a stop motion video, can really raise the bar of professionalism for a website; it sets us apart from other businesses who rely 100% on somebody else’s video content, via sources like YouTube or Vimeo, to help make their website more relevant.

We are excited about using video to improve the quality of our online presence. We hope you are, too, for your own business!

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