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Content Marketing: Do You Use Scare Tactics To Upsell?

“Waring! The NSA is spying on you! Buy our product to protect you from these Orwellian intrusions!” A bit over-dramatic? Perhaps. But this semi-fictional statement is exactly what I thought when I saw the scare tactic used by my current anti-virus provider; they want me to upgrade to their pro version of the anti-virus software […]

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Expert WordPress Support that the Experts Use

Have you ever felt fortunate enough to get a doctor’s recommendation and referral to the doctor he uses for his own personal care?  Let’s say you have a conversation with your neighbor, a doctor in his own right, and he tells you who he uses – and recommends – for his own health needs. “Bonanza!” […]

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Locked Out of WordPress: Captive Client

Administrative Level Access: Gone “My web guy didn’t give me administrator level access when he built the site and now he’s not answering my emails.” Sound familiar? It does to me. Unfortunately, this has become a more common cry from the unsuspecting small business owner. In the past week alone, I have done jobs for […]

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Preventing Brute Force Attacks On Your WordPress Website

If you have been seeing the markedly increased amount of activity and alerts surrounding a newly reported wave of brute force attacks against WordPress websites, good for you! That means you are one of the people who are finely tuned to important news about your most important marketing and sales tool. If you have not […]

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Facebook and Google: An Org Chart [infographic]

Until I saw this infographic, I had never given much thought about the who’s who at the top levels of Facebook and Google. Take a look and see what strikes you as being different between these two organizations. I see decided differences in the ratio of men vs. women at the very top levels and […]

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